Noach International Childcare

Noach is a childcare organisation which welcomes children and parents from both the Netherlands and abroad. Through the 15 years of our existence, baby’s and children of a wide variety of nationalities have blended naturally in our groups with Dutch children.
Although Dutch is the dominant language in the groups, most of our teachers speak English and German and will do so on the moments that a child needs to be secured in her/his native tongue. With our office staff parents can communicate in English.

Application forms and all other relevant information needed for the registration of a child is available in English as well. The Noach Journal, which is presented every six weeks, also has an English version.
On this page you find a translation of the complete Dutch text of our website.


What makes Noach unique

  • A Baby House; the delicate care and attention to the development of the child are front and center here
  • Participation in development groups:  group placement at Noach depends on the individuality of the child, thus enabling us to offer exactly what they need at the time.
  • Daily hot, freshly prepared wholesome organic meals
  • Plenty of room to play both inside and outside

What can you expect from Noach?

  • Respect for the individual developmental pace of each child
  • A warm, comforting and enveloping environment where only natural materials are present
  • A rhythmic day, week and year planning that coincides with the seasons
  • Our pedagogic staff is always paying attention to the sensory development of the child
  • Playing twice a day outside in a lush environment
  • Attention to the bedtime routine with access to outdoor beds
  • Five times a year we all join(teachers, parents and relatives) in season celebrations
  • Accompaniment of the development of the child based on a pedagogic plan crafted especially for Noach

What does Noach not do

  • Stimulating parts of the child’s development that the child is not actually ready for yet. We do however encourage and stimulate to developthe things the child is ready for
  •  Speak loudly to the children reprimand them. We do however give focussed and particular individual attention to every child with caring language
  • Addressing the children cognitively, instead we offer them a world full of wonder and fairytales