All the food we serve at Noach is organic of biodynamic.

Baby Food
Because the digestive organs of babies are not full formed, the baby food gets special attention in accordance of the parents. It is possible for mothers to come and breastfeed in a quiet spot. Noach also has organic infant milk, as well as porridge. When the babies become six months we give a freshly cooked hot snack (vegetables, possible mixed with cereal flakes). For questions about the most appropriate diet for the baby we have consulted the nutritionist at Noach. 

Hot Meals
At 11:30 all the toddlers eat a hot meal all together in there own groups. Our menu is based on the consultation with our nutritionist and is formulated with all the nutrients that a young child needs for healthy growth, but of course always delicious and fun.

Week menu’s
We make the menu based on the four seasons, each comprising a twelve week cycle. These are then dividedin three week cycles. Meaning every menu has it's own base menu for three weeks. However the vegetable's will vary continuously.
We prepare the food fresh daily in the kitchen at Noach and have two permanent cooks at Noach. We always begin with a song or a rhyme before we begin eating.

At mid-morning the children get seasonal fruit and in the afternoon yogurt and a rice cake or breadstick is served.

Food Intolerances
Please let us know if your child has any food intolerances, it will be passed on to the cooking team.

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Sleep rituals
In a quiet and intimate atmosphere, the children all get ready for a nap. Duifjes, Vlinders, Roodborstjes and, if necessary, the Kevers all sleep together in a spacious bedroom. Teachers devote time and attention to the sleep rituals that always include a song. All the cribs are visible from the central hall.

Sleeping in the outdoors
What is better than falling asleep to the sound of the rustling trees and falling leaves? At Noach we have over ten years experience with sleeping outdoors and we know that most of the children find this really peaceful. They sleep really well in the outdoor beds. These cribs are located in special spot in the garden of the Baby House and are fully visible from the inside of the building. We can use these beds all year round so long as no more than 2 degrees below zero. Obviously warm winter clothing is used when necessary and a cozy sheepskin is used as an under lay. The outdoor beds are constantly monitored.