VVE - Fun with Games 'Anthroversion'

The daily morning story that is being told and depicted in the central hall for all children toddler and up is part of VVE (early and preschool education). This is a program developed by Noach based on the licensed VVE program Fun with Games. The Noach program Fun with Games Anthroversion completely follows our vision of the development of children 0 to 4. Cognitive learning programs have no place in this; no tests or other ways to measure up the children, but instead a wide arrange of creative activities are being offered. The child can decide what he needs at any particular time.

In these first years a child does not learn from a person telling what he needs to know or do and when to do so, but rather from his own inner passion and interests to mimic all he sees and hears in gameplay.  In Fun with Games we give all the space the child needs. The theme of the morning story is during two weeks the reoccurring theme in many daily activities. The way the stories are depicted and expressed give the children all opportunity to let their fantasy go wild.
Fun with Games Anthroversion contains several steps. From simple songs and finger games in earlier years to more specific activities, in the atelier as well. In the 3+ group the individual developmental phase of every child is the center of all activities.

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