A circle around the child

An African saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ inspires us in shaping a social community of educators with parents and family members to come together for the child. If a child has such a powerful network it will automatically open up and have an interest inlearning and standing firm in the world.
We give this so-calledcivil society at Noach shape by:

* Regular contact with parents
We keep parents informed about the development of their child:

  • A group teacher will have an evaluation with the parents approximately six weeks after the child is placed
  • the involvement of the parents in the transfer of a child to a new development group with the observation that lead to the transfer being discussed
  • a final interview with the parent(s) when the child leaves Noach. The 'kindmap' (‘child-file') is handed over. This file contains all recorded information about your child since his stay at Noach

Contact on businesslike and organisational questions and questions about the pedagogical action taken at Noach, will always be handled by one of the executives, sometimes in consultation with the team leader.
Daily contact is provided by the group teachers. If at any time the parents need to come talk about their child and ask any questions they are welcome to do so. Any request for an interview will always be handled by the management or the team leader. If you have any pedagogical issues, please inform the daily management. If necessary and with consent from the parents the pedagogical advisor to Noach can be consulted.

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* Yearly Celebrations
Together we celebrate the Feast of Michael and St. Martin in the fall, Advent in the winter, ‘Palmpasen' in the spring and St. John in the summer. We believe they are an important part of the rhythm we follow at Noach. As well these celebrations give us a chance to meet up in an informal atmosphere and enjoy all the wonderful homemade cakes and goodies brought in by parents and teachers. Every festival has special activities where all the children and parents join in together.

* Noach Journaal
With our six week Noach Journaal parents are informed about up coming events and activities central to the relevant period. We also have brief summaries of the morning stories and observations and anecdotal stories about the children. The Noach Journaal is also the means in which parents get informed on all matters and events (year celebrations, anniversaries, new and departing teachers and special activities for parents etc).