The Big Toddlers

The mimicking game as a practice ground
At the Kevertjes playtime is very dynamic. The copying game is the center of all. It varies from simple (dolls in the house), to elaborate (very complex plans are being thought out and executed with friends). This is how the little Kever puts complicated things from 'the real world' safely into his own. This very creative process teaches the toddler more than any educational toy out there.
The teachers at the Kevertjes are aware and conscious of the fact that however they act is worthy of being copied by the children.

‘I am I - and I know how to show it!’
To go your own way and become your own person, you need to be able to walk, talk and think. In principle toddlers have achieved this. But in order to continue to flourish towards becoming an autonome and conscious human being, they have to practise and practise these skills at length (the phase of stubbornness!). This can be done at the Kevertjes.
The 3-year old discovers that he can have an opinion about himself and all things around him and, more importantly, he knows how to express that opinion! At Noach we observe and guide this phase of starting consciousness with eager eyes.

On their way to Elementary School
Although rest and rhythm are still very important for the big toddlers, they are particularly in need of action, surprise and variety. We have all kinds of activities in small and large groups, often the themes of the morning stories are reflected in them. The morning stories are always intensely observed by the toddlers, they use there imagination and fantasy vividly. The toddler’s play more intensive and they become more independent.

By the time the toddler turns four years of age he/she will be ready for the transition to go to kindergarten/primary school. The Kevertjes team will accompany the transition as smooth as possible into the next phase for the child.

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