The Pedagogic goal of Noach

Providing loving and nurturing care for every child in a peaceful, quiet and rustic environment where nothing has been left to chance: it is tastefully decorated with exclusively natural materials, the toys are pure craftsmanship, the colours warm and welcoming, the outside is full of luscious greenery, the food is all organic and most importantly: attention for every individual child.

A coherent vision on development
When raising a child one is continuously confronted with choices and having to make big and small decisions; the more clearly outlined the pedagogic reference is wherein these choices will have to be made, the less children will be dealing with changing or conflicting pedagogic perspectives of different caretakers.

Our pedagogic perspective is based on the anthroposophic insight on how a child develops in the first four years of their life. This forms the foundation for the identity and quality of childcare at Noach. This pedagogy offers the opportunity to place the different phases in the development of the young child in a mutual cohesion. The pedagogic choices can be motivated based on this cohesion, this perspective. The Noach pedagogic team can communicate choices made with the parents.

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Pedagogical core values

  • Respect for the uniqueness of every child
  • Observe the children
  • Rhythm and calmness
  • Developing the senses
  • Paying attention to character and natural talent