The Toddler Groups

It’s all about movement
When your baby turns into a toddler different needs apply. In the three toddler groups, the Duifjes, Vlinders and Roodborstjes, movement is key. Moving and crawling and rolling... with great perseverance the toddlers are ready to explore the world. More and more often he will encounter objects and things he would like to give a name; language development. Everything the child soaks up will be copied and repeated, wether it be songs, games, the content of stories, and particularly everything the teacher does, says or shows him.

Growing up through playtime
The little one focusses more and more on playtime. Playtime at this age is vital, especially the ‘open games’ where everything and all impressions the child encounters are registered and internally made their own. In order not to restrain the childlike fantasy the toys at Noach are shaped rather unpronounced. This way the child can decide what the object might be. The toys will be made from natural materials like real wood, but one can play with sand and water just as well.
Truly playing with others will not happen until the next group, but since language is developing, the first step towards this is being taken through social contacts with the other children. This lively group always needs a moment of calm. They love listening to stories and participating in song and dance; that's what happens a lot here. Rhythm and repetition give the children structure which is what they need so much during this turbulent phase of discovery. Here at Noach we do not contain the urge to move and discover, on the contrary, we approach it all with humor and understanding. Acting calmly and with respect almost always is more effective than punishment.

Not long after the todd's second birthday he will start referring to himself as 'I'. When his third birthday approaches the gameplay will change as well. More and more often it is structured in a way, all sorts of stuff is made up and tasks and roles are being distributed. Take playing father-mother for example. When children start playing games as such, we know it's time to move them to the last group: the Kevertjes.

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